Perlindungan Terhadap Listrik Berlebih Untuk Areas With Low Overvoltage Risk

Surge supression provides protection against electromagnetic impulses from lightning and to the electrical and electronic equipment located on the structures.

Although surges have existed since the creation of electrical networks, the need for protection is nowadays much greater. This is due to advanced technology making electrical components ever smaller and more sensitive to electromagnetic disturbances.

Overvoltages are an increase of voltage measured by two conductors, which can damage the installation and the electrical equipment. There are two different types: transient and permanent.

Permanent overvoltages, temporary or continuous, are those that have a relatively long duration (several cycles). The usual causes of these overvoltages are:

  • A defective connection
  • Lower voltage

Transient overvoltages are caused by a very short increase of voltage, measured by two conductors, or between a conductor and earth. It can be caused by:

  • Atmospheric electrical discharges (lightning).
  • Electrical faults (contact with earth or short circuit).

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